The Vocabulary Building Program

Build English Vocabulary in a Flash

English in a Flash® helps develop the vocabulary necessary for academic success.

Just 15 minutes a day of dedicated vocabulary practice will give you a solid foundation of English vocabulary.

Benefits of the English in a Flash Program

Learn the way native speakers learn. Students learn vocabulary words first and then encounter them in short phrases, sentences, and dialogues.

Build academic vocabulary. Students engage multiple times with academic words used in context to support the content areas.

Develop listening skills. Students improve listening comprehension skills which support reading comprehension.

Renaissance English in a Flash® develops the vocabulary of English learners for academic success. After a short placement test, students build vocabulary—beyond conversational skills—to support them across the content areas.

English in a Flash helps English learners the vocabulary necessary for classroom success in about 15 minutes a day. Because words are used in context, students develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

As students progress through lessons, quizzes, and reviews, they receive feedback from the teacher is the way of personalized instruction and encouragement.