Tammy Lynn

We are an international couple (Canadian/ Korean) with 30 years of experience teaching children and youth in Korea.

Tammy Lynn has worked at Dong Sung Elementary School, Nam Sung Elementary School as well as private languages schools including BCM, Chung Dam, and Kyung Sung University.

Yeo Young Min has worked at BCM, Pagoda, and Chung Dam private language schools.

Because we believe that lots of reading is the best way to master any language, we have created a library where children can come to read and learn.

Motivating children to read, in this smartphone age, can be difficult but the Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader Program is really helpful in that respect. It provides a framework to choose appropriately leveled books, guidance for learning, and motivation to keep reading. It is used in tens of thousands of schools around the world to foster a love of reading in children and help them reach their full potential as readers.

If you are interested in how our program could help your child, please contact us for a meeting and come visit our library.